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#MetroDiary 46: When Mandi House Cried Tears!

It was exactly 6.37 PM in the clock when Mandi House dropped a few tears on my cheek! At first I was a little taken aback thinking if it was I, myself finally doing what I wanted to do for long. That is, crying out loud after getting out of an overcrowded compartment in the peak summer and half-breathing, half-choking in the tobacco- chewing,  cigarette-smoking, dousing in deodorant smells from lifted arms all around, and still surviving somehow! It was a particularly difficult day given my cold. I was almost thankful someone cried along! I could understand the pain of Mandi House. The handloom wearing, Nazakat and Jashn e Audh smelling Mandi House, turns into a sweaty, smelly, fat one oozing people from everywhere in this hour! Who would not cry at that predicament. I am glad it found me to share its pain!  Cold, by the way, is the worst thing you can have in summer anyway! A cold! Nazla.. my Urdu Teacher gave me the word for it a few months ago. I so wish I could have a nozzle

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